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Smart Digital Futures 2016 Programme

Full Conference Programme

The full conference programme that will be distributed in booklet form at the conference is available for download as a PDF document here (1.5Mbytes)
SDF-16 Programme Document
Programme Cover

Any unavoidable last minute changes will be shown in the Overview Timetable and Paper Presentation Timetables for each of the conferences shown below.

Overview Timetable

The draft schedule for SDF-16 conferences is available .. here ..

Paper Presentation Timetables

Draft timetables for the presentation of papers for each conference are available here ...

.. AMSTA-16 ..

.. IIMSS-16 ..

.. SEEL-16 ..

.. IDT-16 ..

.. InMed-16 ..

NOTE: If you get a message saying that you need permission to open the Overview or Paper Presentation Timetables it may be because you already have Google Docs open on your computer. Please log out from Google Docs and try again.


The conference papers for all sessions can now be viewed using the PROSE system available .. here ..



Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden,
Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
15-17 June 2016

Collaborating Institution: InterLabs Research Institute, Bradley University, USA

Collaborating Institution: Institut Superieur de l'Electronique et du Numerique ISEN-Brest, France

Collaborating Institution: Silesian University of Technology, Poland

University of Craiova